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Your support will enable the Rock the Classroom Education Foundation to divert 300,000 dropouts into college by 2020.  Which will save taxpayers $2 Billion in welfare costs, $5.46 Million inn prison costs and generate over $100 Million in revenue for our country!

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Ways You Can Rock the Classroom



Musicians, Actors, Sports Stars, Notable Entrepreneurs, Reality TV Stars and other Public Figures teens might be impressed with, contact Gail Reed-West at (323) 201-2008 to schedule your participation today.  It’s easy, doesn’t cost you a cent, only takes a few minutes, you don’t even have to leave your house, it’s tax deductible (That’s right, you can earn a substantial tax deduction without spending one dime) and the best part, you could really help kids turn their lives around for the better.    


Rock the Classroom has opportunities for both individual and corporate volunteers, click here for more information. 

Sponsor a program

Build your brand, promote a new project, or just show the world that you Rock the Classroom. RTC has seven premiere opportunities to sponsor programs that will rock kids’ worlds! Help youth get inspired, find their passion and raise money for college, call RTC at (323) 201-2008 to set up your sponsorship today.    

Program  Sponsorships            

RTC Rewards, 75,000

RTC-TV, $75,000 

Did You Know, $50,000
My Job Rocks, $50,000 

Tales from a Dropout, $25,000 

Adopt-a-Mind, $25,000

I Rocked the Classroom Celebrity Campaign, $15,000

College Bytes, $10,000      

    Partial sponsorships are accepted.   For information on Official Rock the Classroom Sponsorships     

Corporate Sponsorships & Matching Gifts


Funding for Rock the Classroom’s operations is provided by Corporate Sponsors. Sponsors are offered 1 year packages with options to renew. Sponsorships are offered in five tiers:

Title Sponsors  (1)

Major Sponsors (5) 

Principal Sponsors  (5)

Supporting Sponsors  (5)

Contributing Sponsors (5)

Contact RTC today to see all the benefits of helping kids stay in school with Rock the Classroom.

Equipment, Services & Supplies

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· Computers & Printing 

· Paper & Ink 

· Office Supplies  


  1. Is Rock the Classroom a 501c3 Nonprofit?
    1. Yes Rock the Classroom Education Foundation is registered by the IRS as a 501c3 Nonprofit Education Corporation.
  2. Where will RTC Public Service Announcements be seen?
    1. PSAs produced for this group will air on Music & Entertainment Sites like: I-Heart Radio, Pandora, Spotify & YouTube; Social Media Sites like Instagram, Snapchat, & Twitter; Transit Television Stations; DVD Movie & Video Game Previews; Internet Service Providers; Radio Stations that target our youth; Television shows popular with teenagers; 
  3. Can I write new material for RTC?
    1. We'd be delighted for you to pen new songs for RTC PSA's & Videos.  You could also choose to alter songs from your catalog to align with RTC's mission. Contact us for more info.
  4. What happens to royalties earned from RTC Songs & Videos?
    1. Artists may choose to designate all or any portion they choose of  royalties earned from songs & videos they have written expressly for Rock the Classroom.
  5. What are the monies raised by Rock the Classroom used for?
    1. 60% of the funds raised by Rock the Classroom are used to produce and promote the PSAs & Videos RTC uses to inspire educational attainment in America's youth.  20% goes towards implementing & maintaining RTC programs & services and the remainder is used for supplementing unfunded requests from our Adopt-a-Mind Crowdfunding campaigns and staffing.

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