Frequently Asked Questions


1. How can I better understand how to get into college?

Download your copy of RTC’s Free Step by Step Guide to College Planning, brought to you by Big Future. Everything you need to know about deciding what to do with your life, finding the right college for you & how to pay for your education.  

2. How will I know whatever I share with you will be kept confidential?

All posts to RTC’s Don’t be a Dropout chatroom are confidential. Your name is never published on the site and you select the code name, to identify the answers given to your posts.  

3. Can I start a student network of my own thru your website?

Not now, but that is an excellent idea, perhaps we can add it in the future.  

4. Can your website help guide me to uncover my passion?

Our website is all about you finding your passion. Only when you know what you enjoy, can you find a career you can love.  Check out RTC’s Who Are You page on our website.  

5. Do you offer career counseling and or personal counseling?

Yes, we do. Thru the Don’t be a Dropout Chatroom (coming soon) you will be able to request personal guidance & counseling from our partners the G.O.A.G. Ministry.  

6. Will you help me get grants and scholarships for college?

  a. RTC provides lists of scholarships, grants & student loan programs and provides tips on how to win them.  

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