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We are so glad you stopped by.  You know a lot of people think college is just for learning.  On the contrary, college is actually for making connections.  The friends you make in college, are going to be the friends that hook you up with jobs when you get out.  They are the friends that give you stock tips & investment advice, they may even turn out to be the experts save your butt when life gets salty.  

That is why the biggest part of choosing a college, is finding one with the kind of people you'd enjoy being friends with.  But remember the Golden Rule; "The people with the gold, don't send their kids to community college."  There's an old adage "Showing who your friends are, shows who you are.  The reason it became an adage is because it is as true today as it was when it was created.  If you want to have wealthy friends and all the perks & connections that go with them, you'll find them at the finest schools!

Now that doesn't mean you choose a school just because a lot of wealthy people go there.  People can spot gold diggers right away.   But when you get to study something you love, at one of the best universities in that field, creates magic.  You connect people that really enjoy the same things.  The ship between you is tight and you often wind up with friends in high places.  Or at the least get in a squad with family money, connections, or that power, that like being around you.  You're not just another poser trying to be part of their entourage.  You're an O.G!

So, how do you go to find out which college houses your peeps?  College Bytes!

At College Bytes we know what really matters, the parties!  Rallies, sporting events, clubs, sororities & fraternities, all the places your squad will be hanging out!  That's where you find out if a school is really for you.  And that's exactly what College Bytes is dishing up, college students sharing GOAT Pix & Clips!  

So kick back, surf around, and discover which teams have the hottest players, which frats throw the Gucci Parties, which sororities have the Baes and which one's have the thots, where the Grade-A Party schools are, in essence everything that's straight-fire on a college campus today.   Find out at College Bytes!

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