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We built this team on Rock & Roll

A  band of Innovators from the Advertising, Broadcasting, Film & Music Industries, working  with Educators, Social Workers, Nonprofits & Programmers to create a campaign that makes going to school so popular, it becomes the "in" thing to do!

Our history

Helping students at risk of dropping out find their passion and use college to guide them to success

In America, over 3 million kids drop out  every year! Since 70% of  jobs  requiring a college degree, most dropouts are looking at a life of dead end jobs, poverty & prison.  All it would take to turn these kids lives around is an education.

In advertising, most of our time is spent persuading people to buy things they don't need.  What if we used our talents to convince kids to want something they actually need, an education?  So I created Rock the Classroom (RTC).

Our mission


Rock the Classroom (RTC), wants to turn dropouts into degree wielding tax payers! RTC is using our youth’s 2 favorite pastimes, music & technology, to create a campaign that makes going to college so popular, it becomes the "in" thing to do! 

Diverting just 20% of dropouts from the welfare & penal systems into the college, RTC could save America 5.46-million in prison costs, $2 Billion on welfare and generate over $100 Billion in revenue for our country every year!

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Rock the Classroom is always looking for Volunteers & Guest Speakers for RTC's Intern & Mentoring Conferences and Promotional Items for RTC Rewards. Contact us today!

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