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Every 29 seconds a child drops out of school, 3,030,000 children per year!

Music, Video Games & the Internet take a lot of heat for being the cheese luring kids astray.  Rock the Classroom takes that cheese and turns it into  bait that makes kids actually want an education.  

Todays' youth love music, they are fascinated with celebrity and addicted to technology. Rock the Classroom (RTC) is a Public Service Campaign that takes our youths’ three favorite pastimes and uses them to make kids want to stay in school and go on to college!

The Rock the Classroom Education Foundation Annual Public Service Campaign. Musicians, Actors, Filmmakers & other professionals from the Music, Broadcasting, Sports, Film & Television Industries, working together with Educators, Corporate Leaders, Nonprofits & others to help teens turn their dreams into realities! 

With RTC kids of all ages can find their passion and discover:

Who they are;

What they want out of life;

Which careers really suit their personality;

While RTC fills in the gaps with:

Online Guidance Counseling;

College Info & Planning Guides;

Connections to Financing & Resources;

And sets them up for success with inspiration & incentives that will make everyone want to get an education.

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In America, over 3 million kids drop out of school every year, 8300 dropped out today !

Since 70% of jobs now require a college degree, most dropouts are looking at a life of dead end jobs, poverty or prison.  All it would take to turn these kids’ lives around is an education.  There are many programs that could help kids get into college.  But no-one had found a way to make them want to go, until now.

Rock the Classroom (RTC), using  our youth’s favorite pastimes to turn dropouts into degree wielding tax payers!  

Minds Under Construction

The ancients knew the secret to success and that secret still holds true today.  “When you do what you love, you never work a day in your life.”  So, what is it  you love so much, that you would happily spend your whole life doing?  

Not sure? In this section, you can discover who you are, which careers are best suited for you & your personality and how to make your dream career a reality.

College Bytes

Share how much fun college life really is.  

My Job Rocks

Not sure what you'd like to do with your life?  Explore careers you might enjoy. Discover jobs you may never have thought of.  Check out interesting occupations and see why these jobs rock!

Tales from a Dropout

Wanna know why college is the place to be? Let these dropouts give you the low down.

Did You Know?

Trivia & interesting facts designed to spark the imagination and give rise to ideas that tantalize.

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